DIY Hair Bow Frame

Nina has (aka I have) started to accumulate numerous hair bows. I know our collection will only keep growing. Based on how my hair was done as a kid, I know my mom (Grandma) will tease, curl, crimp, primp and spray Nina's head of hair until her hearts content. So bows and bands it will be! :)

Here's my DIY solution for a hair bow holder. I saw some on Etsy easily fetching $40 and since I am cheap I thought I'd make my own!

I purchased this old frame at St. Vincent de Paul's for only $4.99. It is solid wood and already had the glass and backing removed. Mr. Evans knocked out the white canvas matte with a hammer so we could easily spray paint the wood. We sanded the frame so it was rough and...

Then, we spray painted the frame with two or so coats of raspberry colored spray paint. Once it was dry, we staple gunned some ribbon evenly to the back to create rows. I used green ribbon with raspberry colored polka dots.

Voila. How easy is that? Hang it up, hang on your bows. :)

Here it is hung up in her room. Sorry for the different lighting in all of these photos. They were all taken at different times of day. 

What do you think? 


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