Irish Planning Meal

We are currently in major planning mode for Ireland. A few nights ago, I hosted a planning dinner. I think our itinerary is set. How exciting!

Drinks included Guinness and of course, Jameson. I prefer the Big Ginger (Jameson and Ginger Ale). We had Powers and The Knot on hand as well.

Irish Soda Bread is tasty, but too hot and heavy for the summer. Instead, I made Ina Garten's Scalloped Tomatoes. Click here for the recipe. It was perfect since I have a ton of basil and tomatoes from my garden. 

The main course was Bangers and Mash. Again, I used Ina's recipe here.

I happen to know I have many "Irish" readers. What are your favorite recipes and/or drinks?

College girls... remember those Halfway to St. Patty's parties? Just had to throw that out there... fun stuff.


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