Surprise graduation party

A few weeks ago, my parents and Mr. Evans hosted a "surprise" graduation party for me. It was a very thoughtful party - small enough for my liking and it basically entailed spending the day the lake eating and drinking and sun bathing. Perfect!

Photos at the lake and explanations of our delicious food are not included. Just picture sun and fun!

So... this was the real surprise part of the day. Since my grad school is in Spokane, WA and we don't plan to fly out for graduation, Mr. Evans and my parents coordinated a "mock" ceremony. Haha. As soon as dinner was over, my mom lured me inside and somehow got me to put on a borrowed cap and gown.

I paraded down to where we were eating (this is so not me... in hindsight I don't know what I was thinking). The programs (designed by our friend John and printed by my MIL) were fantastic. What a great touch, seriously! After my parents gave the welcome and Mr. Evans presented the commencement address, I was presented with a tassel. Mr. Evans had specially ordered a Gonzaga 2012 tassel! What a guy! ... And, a commencement toast of Limoncello shots. Oh, and did I mention I processed in to the guests humming Pomp and Circumstance. :) Life is pretty good. 
I had my swimsuit under the cap and gown. I guess that's the way to do it right!

Thanks everyone. What a memorable and fun day!


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