Random Photos...

A few random photos from my iPhone... forgive the quality. I have an iPhone 5, but they still get a bit shaky in bad light! Or, perhaps it's just the user?

Mr. Evans loves bath time with Nina, and vice versa.
She could play for hours if we let her!
One of Nina's favorite things to do is stand on the baseboard and look out the window at passerby's. She loves to observe life!
My mom recently bought Nina this mini leather chair to match our living room decor.
She loves to sit on it and read... non-stop!
She also loves her xylophone. It was mine as a kid! I hope I'm instilling a musical ear in this little girl.
Piano lessons will start asap. :) P.S. Don't you get a kick out of her waterfall hairdo?  Her curls are out of control!
Now that Nina is walking like a champ, we have her in more supportive walking shoes. These Keen's from Aunt Melissa and Uncle David are great! Also, Mr. Evans, Nina and I took a trip to Mayfair last week to buy her first pair of "official" walking shoes from Stride Rite! P.S. Don't you love how she's holding Polly Dolly?


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