Evans Family Dells Weekend

This past weekend, we went to Wisconsin Dells to stay at the Wilderness on the Lake with Mr. Evans's immediate family (minus Beth and Nick who live in Montana - we missed you guys). In total, there were 13 of us in one large condo. It was perfect for us all to be together. The weekend was full of conversation, laughs, pool time, delicious food, wine and quality time together. Here are just a few snapshots.

All of the cousins loooved pool time!
Mr. Evans, his Dad and two sisters ... I swear my father-in-law was squealing in the pitch black all the way down! Carla and Katie sure had some great laughs, too!
Nina's curly hair gets so wild! Her mommy and daddy sure love it though!
I just HAD to post this photo of Nina and her cousin Evan getting ready for bath time.  I love their little tushies!
Happy Weekend!!


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