I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We celebrated on Sunday instead of yesterday. This is ideal in my book because then we have the entire day for fun instead of just a few hours after work. 

The first part of the day started off in Wisconsin Dells. A post on our fun trip with the Evans family will come in the next few days! For Halloween fun, Nina's Meemaw and Grandbear gave the kiddos nice treats during our Sunday morning Halloween fashion show. 
Nina and her cousin Evan are exactly three months apart! How cute are they? They crack me up.
First, I love little tights on baby girls. Second, I love the added cushion in her booty. So squeezable! :)
The Evans cousins rarely take a perfect photo - too much excitement! At least Elsa and Ethan (dressed as a Thundercat) are looking at the camera!
After we drove home from the Dells mid-day on Sunday, we prepared for trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.
We must live in a popular neighborhood for trick-or-treaters. We ran out of candy within the first hour. Yikes! Luckily, we were headed to an annual party anyway. P.S. One family gave jello shots in exchange for candy. What a nice way to make friends! :)
My parents stopped by to see Nina in costume. Her trick-or-treat gift from Grandma was a McDonald's gift card - hehe! If you know me well, you'll know what that means!
Mr. Evans and I didn't dress up this year. Boo hoo - I know.
I mean seriously. I know this is not the most creative or original costume, but aren't kids so adorable when they dress up?
Nina LOVED seeing the kids come up our driveway. She was equally fascinated by the pumpkins.
Later that night, we went to a family friends annual Halloween party. It's perfect - chili, mummy dogs, wine, candy and cute kids. :)
Little Amelia and Nina just love each other. I think Amelia gave Nina a million "huggies"!!
Hope you had a great day too! What did you dress up as?


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