Favorite things...

I love to learn about what makes someones "favorite things" list. I get Oprah Magazine and always flip to her "O List" (who doesn't). For me, of course I have staples like sharpies, white dishware, Windex and McDonald's. Classics. 

But here are few things I'm loving at this moment. What makes your "favorite things" list? New or old. Cheap or a splurge. I'd love to hear them!
I'm loving my Origami Owl necklace and all things gray (like these UGG boots and MK bag). 
It's winter so I love to burn Wood Wick candles. They're worth every penny and I stock up when they're on sale.
I also love this pretty pink polish - perfect for the doldrums of winter.
As for lip stain and gloss, I find Laura Mercier is the best. I wore these colors on my wedding day and still love them!
My cousin Dana (and my mom) do my hair, but I love this Aveda aircontrol and Moroccan Oil!
Here's a few more...
- Mr. Evans and I have been loving Ina Garten's new season on Food Network (Napa... yes, please)
- If you haven't tried Palo popcorn, you're missing out (scoop some up at Sendik's... and it's locally made)
- I don't have a tattoo, but I'm tempted to purchase these for fun! :)
- I so wanted to get this candle for Mr. Evans 
- I'm reading this book right now... so far so good!
- How chic is this watch?

Leave a comment with your fav things!


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