Fun at the Domes

Our Saturday morning started with a stop at Starbucks for an Espresso (Mr. Evans) and a Nonfat Chai (for me).

We decided to go the Milwaukee Domes for the day. It's a perfectly sunny, warm and spacious spot for toddlers on the move! We explored all three domes and had an Animal Crackers snack. Nina loved it! I remember going to the Domes as a kid with school, but Mr. Evans had never been. So, I must say we loved being there as well.

I intended to take some nice photos with my camera however due to the humidity in the Domes, it fogged right up. iPhone to the rescue again!

For brunch we went to Cafe Hollander. Delish, but not as good as Comet Cafe!

After a few stops at two or three furniture stores, Nina was wiped. What a fun family day!


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