Moving on

We moved out of our house this past weekend. Our first house. The house we purchased right after we got married. The garage we pulled into with our sweet new arrival, Nina. The backyard ... home to our first garden, evenings spent with friends and our daughter's first birthday party. It was a house we made a home. I cared for it with great pride and it's bittersweet that we're moving on. However, I'm very thankful we sold our home quickly (in 7 days!) and very proud that our hard work has afforded us a beautiful new home... that we will be moving into soon.

I mentioned here that we'll move into our new house in a few months. So, until then, we'll be living with my parents. What fun! And no, this was not sarcastic! We feel very lucky to have a place to stay and will enjoy spending time on the lake (I only wish it was summer).

Cheers! Here's to moving on!

(We drank this perfect bottle of wine as we packed up our last boxes on Fair Street.)


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