Oscars Dinner

The Oscars are like my version of the Superbowl. I like to prepare party food, hunker down for the pre-show (aka Ryan and Giuliana on E! News) and enjoy the glamour, fashions, sights and sounds of the telecast. 

Luckily, since my mom shares in my love of the red carpet and we're living at their home, we devised a delish meal to accompany the festivities. Oh. And in case you're wondering we haven't really seen any of the Oscar nominated movies. Don't tell. Is it really about that anyway? Frankly, I picked most of the winners just by what I've heard on TV. 

Oscar day started out with an early trip to the Milwaukee Public Market. We grabbed coffee and a quick muffin before heading to St. Paul's Fish Market for a lobster tail, 3 lbs of mussels, shrimp and salmon-on-a-stick (a quick treat for Mr. Evans)!

On the home, we stopped for lunch at Water Street Brewery. I can't help but post this photo from lunch... I am a sucker for big bows. The bigger the better! She started young, remember?

Later that evening, the "party" began. TV was on. Champagne was poured. Food was made. Here's a summary of our menu. Did you do anything fun for the Oscars? One year if I'm ambitious, I'll do something like this!

Lobster caprese salad - a la RPM Italian in Chicago.
Shrimp cocktail - fresh and simple.
Ina's mussels with basil bread crumbs - warm, garlicky, perfect for dipping.
Terrible photo of Ina's peanut butter and jelly bars - needed something sweet and unfussy.


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