We've had a few busy weeks with TONS of fun things going on, but somehow I either forget to take pictures or the pictures are on other people's phones/camera. :) Surprise, surprise.

Nonetheless, here are few quick snapshots of life lately. Some events that are missing include Rally for the Cure (a breast cancer fundraiser I helped with... I spoke a few years back here), an amazing dinner event at Bacchus with Lakefront Brewery pairings, our annual family golf outing (this year my team WON, see last year's post here), Fathers Day (I made this for breakfast), yesterday's anniversary party/family reunion and more!

Like father like daughter... (forgive our un-decorated basement)
Grasshopper Fudge Cake - easy and delish. Recipe here.
How can you resist this sweet little face??
Gwyneth Paltrow's fish tacos ... they're the best! 
After a family wedding (congrats Matt & Kate!)...
Pretty sunset in our backyard :)


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