Essential Oils

Per my post yesterday, I thought I'd share how I've been using (and loving) Young Living Essential Oils. I purchased the oils in March and used them everyday. Totally worth the investment! Whether you buy one or twenty, they all seem to have their benefits.
My oils all lined up in my bathroom medicine cabinet!
Here's how I use them:
- smell in palms
- put on neck or under nose lightly
- put a few drops on a cotton ball to let the aroma scent the room
- apply on skin in areas where needed
- put in a bowl of hot water and cover with hot towel to steam the scent
- apply to bottoms of feet (I use this method on Nina... she LOVES it!)
- apply to back of neck, temples and third eye
- take a whiff from bottle :)

Inside my medicine cabinet, I taped this little reference guide I made!
My Oils:
- blisters, insect bites, headaches, sun damage, blemishes and breakouts
- antifungal/viral, astringent, to prevent blisters, to remove gum/oil/grease from surfaces
- bruises, congestion, fever, headache, nausea, add to tea
- insect bites, cold sores, cuts/minor burns, allergies, motion sickness, blemishes, add to pillow at night
- air purifier, insect repellent, neutralizes smells
- cold/flu, strep throat, to clean with, anything!
- inflammation, bruising, sore muscles, headache
Peace & Calming
- peacefulness, emotional well being
- back/joint pain, stiff neck, add to pillow


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