Housewarming Party

Last Sunday, we had a Housewarming Party! We had about 70 guests throughout the day who surely helped "warm" up our house! See below for the invitation and menu. I was busy cooking (and so was my mom and mother-in-law... I couldn't have done it without them!!). I must have been too busy having fun that I forgot to take any photos of the actual people! If you were there and took any, I'd love to see them! :)

Also, I'm thinking about doing a "House Tour" on my blog. Show you virtually (whomever my readers are) what we've done, what I want to do next, ask for advice on some ideas, etc. Would you be interested in that? It would take a bit of work on my end, but I think it'd be fun! Leave me a comment!

The invites were postcard size and were designed by Pam at my in-laws print shop, the always friendly Sun Graphics!
I found free BBQ themed printables here. So easy, so cute.
I have a set of a dozen of these place card holders... they are very versatile, inexpensive and come in handy for parties of all shapes and sizes!
The red and white gingham placemats are from Sur La Table.
I wrapped the silverware in cute little napkins and raffia. The flowers from our local farmers market were displayed in mason jars.
I kept the menu pretty simple and "down home".... Scroll down to see the details! I didn't ask anyone to bring anything (except my mom and mother-in-law... love them!), so it had to be doable.

- Appetizers were a plenty (gourmet cheese plate, meatballs, hummus and charcuterie, peanuts in the shell, beer dip with pretzels, a hot dip with crackers, animal crackers for the kiddos, etc.)
- Drinks were seasonal beer, red/white wine, lemonade in a giant spigot dispenser, water, etc.
- Pulled Pork (catered from here)
- Buns (catered from Hankerson's)
- Baked Beans (my Grandma's recipe)
- Fruit Salad
- Homemade Coleslaw (my mom's recipe)
- Vidalia Onion Dip with Garlic Toasts (my mother-in-law's recipe)
- Cheesy Potatoes (my mom's recipe)
- Desserts - Apple Slices with Glaze, Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting, Key Lime Pie Bars, Homemade Carrot Cake


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