Nina's 2nd Birthday Party

For Nina's 2nd birthday party, we celebrated with a small gathering of family! I decided to go with a Mexican Fiesta theme. Who doesn't like that? :) Everyone came over last Thursday night after work, we ate, had cake, opened presents, Nina and Evelyn played... life was good for that little sweetheart. 

Read on for details. Happy 2nd Birthday Nina!

I found this free printable "Fiesta" banner here.
We ate inside because it was dreary and rainy outside. Oh well! :)
Menu included: Coronas, Lemonade, Taco meat, shells, fresh homemade salsa, corn casserole, Pioneer Woman's Mexican rice casserole, fruit, chips, and toppings.
Nina and Evelyn always have SO much fun together!
I got this little fiesta party hat for the birthday girl at a local party store. Hehe!
Her birthday dessert was a Texas Sheet Cake... the recipe is from my MIL. Yum!

Nina got a bath Barbie and Sofia the First dress that she loved. Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Kala! She also loved her other cards and presents!!

P.S. Here is her 1st birthday party!!! I loved planning that one!


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