Lobster Rolls

Mr. Evans and I have a thing for lobster rolls. So, as part of our anniversary celebrations a few months back we ordered from Luke's Lobster. Direct from the East Coast Luke's Lobster is the place to go. We ordered their famous lobster roll kit online (click here). They overnight you all the necessary elements and voila ... an ahhh-mazing dinner. I won't lie. The kit serves 4, but Mr. Evans and I pigged out and ate most of it! Yummm. It's delicious! I am still thinking about it even all these months later!

Pretty, right?? :) Notice the big roll of paper towel? They were so buttery, juicy and lemony. Yum!

Lobster rolls, Caprese salad, cold beer!
One of our pretty PeeGee Hydrangea trees!


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