To remember...

As many of you know, Mr. Evans is an Ironman and has been competing in triathlons since before Nina was born. It's part of his identity and something he truly enjoys, so it's no wonder we DVR the annual NBC airing of the Ironman Kona World Championships.

This year, the airing was especially well done and featured the very moving and poignant story of Chris McDonnell - an Ironman, husband, and father to a young girl who lost her life in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Today marks one year since that day, the day his daughter Grace died. I just had to share this with you as I've been thinking about it since it aired months ago. Click below to watch the segment. It's heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. I bawled (literally) the first time I watched it.

This family is truly honoring their daughter Grace by living their lives they way she would've wanted. Ironman is a journey of self discovery. And for the McDonnell family, ever since their daughter was born she was part of her daddy's Ironman experience... just like Nina has been part of her daddy's. I am saddened tremendously for their loss, and the loss felt by the other families who have lost their children in tragedies. It always hits home when you see a part of your own family in theirs.

It always helps me to remember... God allows us to make our own choices - good and bad. And that's the only way good can win, by choosing it over all else. Evil doesn't win.


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