Christmas Minute to Win It

During the Evans family Christmas at our house, I planned a "Minute to Win It" game for the adults. We played with 4 couples and did 6 events, which lasted about 1 hour. I really enjoyed planning and playing, so I thought this deserved a separate post! :) More details are below, but for now here are a few fun photos!

Noodling Around
Face the Cookie
Caddy Stack
A Bit Dicey
Don't Tip the Joker
Penny Hose
(Just Google these to learn more, but I queued up the 30 second "blueprint" on YouTube/Apple TV so that everyone knew how to do the event prior to playing)

- 5 points per event successfully completed within 1 minute
- Team with most points is the winner
- Team must split events (6 events, so each person in the couple must do at least 3)

Supplies Needed: (these are mostly things you have around your house)
- box of flat cookies (Nilla Wafers, Oreos)
- box each of penne and spaghetti
- 3 golf balls
- 6 dice
- popsicle sticks
- card deck
- empty, clean and dry beer bottle
- pantyhose (buy these new :)
- 2 pennies

I also made a little poster to keep score. :) Have fun!

p.s. If you check Pinterest, there are TONS of ideas for events for couples, families, kids, birthday's, etc.


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