DIY White Growth Chart

I've been eyeing up this Ruler Growth Chart from Dear Lillie for a while now and finally decided to make my own. The original costs $75 and I made mine for about $12, so I was pretty excited! I mainly used things I already had around the house - primer, white paint, brushes and polyurethane. I only really purchased the board and some black craft paint. Here's how I did it (and how you can, too)!

There are tutorials all over Pinterest, but here are a few I found helpful (I took things I liked and/or found helpful from each post below):

The quick summary of what I did:
- Purchase board at Home Depot (I made sure to buy a straight smooth board).
- Sand rough edges (this took me no more than 1 minute).
- Paint a coat of primer (let dry), then add coats of white paint until desired finish. Let dry overnight.
- Next, I had Mr. Evans install a little mounting bracket to the back and we hung it in place on the wall (so that the top of the board was as close as possible to the desired height). From here, I added 1 inch tick mark measurements (verrry lightly in pencil) so that it lined up with the height from the floor.
- Then, I gathered my sharpie, ruler, a ball point pen, craft brush and black paint. I also had printed out the numbers to trace per step #4 in the instructions here.
- I used a sharpie for the inch marks. For the numbers I transferred them on with a ball point pen and filled them in with a small craft brush (luckily I have a steady hand, but you could use sharpie as well I suppose).
- Last, I put on one coat of polyurethane to seal in the sharpie, color, etc. Hang it back up and you're all set! It's so easy! :)

Here is the finished product - I quickly snapped a few photos on my iPhone! I realize these are terrible photos, but there are so many great photos on Pinterest that you'll get the idea! Ours hangs between the two girls bedrooms (on the wall outside their bathroom), as both will be measured on this chart!


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