Conversations with Nina

Nina's ability to have a real conversation has skyrocketed these past few months. It's so much fun! Here are a few things that make us laugh and melt our hearts.

- In the car yesterday Nina proclaims, "Momma. Brrrrrrrrrr, it's cold out. And slippery. And it's January."

- When playing on the floor she insists on "Applesauce Legs" (apparently after googling it I learned this is the present day equivalent (and one PC version) of Indian style)

- Nina now counts up to 15, but she usually skips 1 and 2 and begins at 3... silly girl. In Spanish, she counts to 10.

- Her favorite song is "The more we get together" (but it sounds like "the more - get - gebber - happy - be")

- She lovvves to help fold laundry and cook dinner, and is actually quite good at it!

- When Mr. Evans calls on the way home from work, Nina loves to ask "How was your day, Daddy?" and they go on chatting for a while

- Nina loves getting a "manicure" (sounds like "man-a-que-arhhh") from me, which includes clipping and filing her nails, with some lotion afterwards

- When asked what we should name her baby sister her answer is always "Bee" (???)

- At night, she constantly insists on "more hugs, momma/daddy" after her bedtime prayers, and then she proceeds to wrap her little arms around your neck so tight!

- First thing in the morning, she pulls up my shirt to reveal my baby bump and says "Good morning baby sister. I love you (but it sounds more like "I - lub - you")"... p.s. this is and has always been totally unprompted, just like everything!

- I could go on and on, like most parents. But really, isn't every age and stage full of such fun things!! :)


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