Pregnancy/Baby/Kid Stuff

So, so many of my friends are expecting... as am I! So, I thought today I'd do a fun recap of my favorite pregnancy and baby must-haves and more!

For when people ask you if you've had the baby yet... tell them to click here -

A few hilarious posts from Pregnant Chicken -
10 great things about being pregnant
Favorite decorating/idea sites -

My list of must have baby items - 
Click here

This "Motherhood Mondays" series is something I look forward to reading each week! Scroll through the years worth of posts someday when you're "bored" and you'll learn all sorts of amazing things!

I love Little Green Notebook's blog and have read it for years. I recently read the birth story of one of her daughters and it made me a bit weepy. Read it here. Isn't everyone's birth story so great? I love hearing other mom's stories!

It's important to remember... your days with a newborn might seem endless and slow, but remember the weeks/months/years go fast and before you know it your little baby is onto the next age and stage. Keep things in perspective and remember... being a mother is the greatest honor in the world.

Tell me, what are your favorite pregnancy/baby/children things?


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