Nina's Ear Piercing Adventure!

On Monday after daycare, my mom, Nina and I went to my cousin Dana's salon to have Nina's ears pierced. To say she was excited was an understatement! Honestly, she has been saying "Momma, I want earrings like you" for months now and I finally decided it was time (and Mr. Evans finally caved)!

Dana is back from her maternity leave with Elly, Nina's begged (in the sense that toddler's can) and my mom and I thought it would be special for her to do before baby comes in a 8 weeks (I'm 32+ weeks along now)!

Here are a few photos from her experience. Dana did awesome, Nina did awesome and her sweet little ears are now home to gold sparkly studs. :) Also, don't you love the braid and purple chalk streak Dana put in Nina's hair!!

Afterwards, my mom and I took Nina to Claire's to get some cleaning solution and a few other special girly items! What fun memories!


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