For those of you wondering... have you have that baby yet? Click here. :)

I thought I'd do a quick post on some random iPhone photos from lately. First, I recently tried a cronut (a croissant-doughnut hybrid). I think I'm late to the party, but YUM!!
Here's a silly photo of Nina and Evelyn on Easter. My grandpa has this cow in the yard and the girls thought it was real I think!
Mr. Evans and Nina have been biking now that the weather is finally a bit nicer! Cute! (p.s. we adjusted her helmet after this photo... don't worry)
Nina is taking her big sister prep very seriously. :) We got her this book and she wants to read it every night!
I mean, seriously, how does this photo not make you smile?! Neither of them are looking at the camera, but who cares? Pure joy, I tell you!
Recently, Nina, my mom and I went shopping to get Nina some new shoes from the Stride Rite. Well, of course, we ended up with a few other special things for her... which she insisted on carrying throughout the mall and parking lot. :) My mom took this photo because she thought it was hilarious.


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