Backyard Baby Blessing

This past weekend we celebrated Lauren and Brodie's daughter's first birthday. Earlier that day, I was honored to lead a baby blessing for sweet Hayden. Lauren did all the work, I just read her beautiful words. Again, it was an honor. I asked her if I could share with you, my readers, snippets of the ceremony text. They are so meaningful and articulate and exemplify wishes and blessings I would like all children to hear. Hayden is sure a loved little girl!
Lauren and Nina. :)
The birthday girl!!
Nina playing at the backyard bash. :)
Here are a few snippets (not in any order) from the baby blessing. These may not make sense out of context, but the essence is what I wanted to share. It was FULL of cute ideas like singing a kids song with Hayden playing her maracas, blessings from family members and more. It was non-traditional, but seemingly full of traditions of faith, strength and family.
In every birth, blessed is the wonder.
In every child, blessed is the life.
In every hope, blessed are the possibilities.
In every life, blessed is the love.

As Hayden grows, she will indeed claim her own titles and names, yet Lauren and Brodie have given her a name to begin her journey.

Lauren and Brodie, will you promise to teach Hayden not who or what but how to love, how to trust, how to respect and how to value her hopes and dreams so that she may truly participate in the remarkable journey that is life? 

A Godparent promises to be there in Hayden’s life should she need support, wisdom, comfort and guidance. They are someone she knows will always be standing quietly behind her, encouraging her to make good choices and sharing with her lessons they themselves have learned along the way. 

Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers and the keepers of traditions that linger on in cherished memory. Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation. They are there with unconditional love, listening when you feel like you’re not being heard and giving advice that is wise and pure of heart. 

Dear Hayden Emmaline, we celebrate and bless your life. 
(Parents touch the top of Hayden’s head) - You are connected, protected, loved and blessed. 
(Parents touch Hayden’s forehead) - All your sense are awakened and blessed. 
(Parents touch Hayden’s heart) - Your heart is blessed so that you may feel compassion for yourself and others. 
(Parents touch Hayden’s hands) - Your hands are blessed so that you may reach out to the world. 
(Parents touch Hayden’s feet) - Your feet are blessed so that you may connect with the earth, be grounded and stand tall in your place in this world. Know that your spirit is strong and it will guide you through this life. Know that you are deeply loved and that your presence brings overwhelming joy. 


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