Minnesota Weekend

A few weekends ago we traveled up to the Twin Cities area to celebrate my good friend Megan's bridal shower. I'm so honored to be part of her special day in September and the festivities leading up to the big day will be fabulous. Here's the bridal party below! :) The shower was lovely and it was great to see some of my college girlfriends (I'll spare you the story about how I locked my keys in the car at the shower and it took 3 hours for a locksmith to come and about how earlier that day I was over an hour late to the shower due to a bad car accident on the highway). 

We, of course, brought along the girls and stayed at my sister-in-law's house for a long weekend. Here are a few photos from that fun adventure. Here was a similar weekend last year... Como Zoo, St. Paul Farmers Market, delicious food, guys golfing afternoon, time at park and more!!

Nina went on her first two rides at the Como Zoo park. She loved them!!!

In the photo above we're stopped at a gas station for a bathroom and snack break (and of course to feed Mae her bottle). Overall, the five hour car ride went amazingly smooooth!! Here are a few things that kept Nina busy... what do your kids like to do in the car?
- Reading her "Quiet Book" (ours is from One Step Ahead)
- Listening to music (Nina likes the Laurie Berkner Band and regular old nursery songs)
- Reading books and her Highlights magazine
- Monsters University on the iPad
- Playing with her Magnadoodle
- Coloring with this lap tray desk
- Magnetic alphabet letters on an old cookie sheet


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