I love this post and agree SO MUCH with what it says. Read it!! Below are a few of my favorite lines - they are so so how Mr. Evans and I try to live.
Your environment matters and you have a certain level of control over that. You have to work on putting yourself in the presence of happiness to be happy. At least I do. That includes the people around you. If you only hang out with angry, cynical or pessimistic people then you cannot help but to begin to feel that way too. 
When my physical life is cluttered, so is my mind. I have a much harder time relaxing in a mess…whether that is my office, car or home. So I take time to organize. I make to do lists, file papers, vacuum, empty the dishwasher and put my clothes away. I need to place where I can focus and relax at the same time.
I have been trying to meditate recently. And by meditate I mean just get quiet and focus on my breath. I had no idea how hard this would be. Every time I do it I can feel how jittery I am (I think I can feel my brain vibrate). That just trying to get quiet is so hard is reason enough to do it more often. It scares me that my brain is begging for constant stimulation. So I am trying to retrain it to let go.


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