Nina's Princess Themed Third Birthday

This year for Nina's birthday I asked her what kind of celebration she wanted. To my surprise, she said a princess party... this is from a kiddo who loves watching Monsters University whenever we ask. Also, I'm not overly into "princessy" things so I knew I wanted pink with touches of Disney princess. See below how I incorporated it all... I think she loved it!! :)
Free bunting printable found here
Cupcakes from our local bakery
For a little activity, the girls decorated crowns with markers, glitter glue and jewels!

We didn't manage to get one single photo of us as a family or with the birthday girl, so here's the best I have... haha. It's a terrible photo but you get the gist. It's more for my memory than anything else. :)
Here was the super simple menu!
Jasmine's Princess Punch
Ariel's Dinglehoppers (forks) :)
Fairy Godmother Pretzel Wands
Olaf's Nose with Hummus
Snow White's Apples with Caramel Dip
Cinderella's Cheese Platter
Sofia's Sandwiches and Salad

In addition, for a special breakfast that day she had a donut - see below! How cute!! :)

P.S. Check out Nina's first birthday and second birthday parties!!


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