Dear little sweet sisters,

At 3 years old and 4 months old, you are the best of friends! You make each other laugh, kiss each other, share your toys, love your momma, enjoy being in the same room (really, the same square foot) and genuinely love each other. I hope and pray this never changes!

Now, I didn't grow up with a sister (or any siblings for that matter), but I sure relish seeing you two together. My little girls. My proudest accomplishments.

Just remember this... when you are 13 (or 7 or 27), remember these innocent and loving and candid and silly photos below. Purity of heart. Born to be friends. When you are fighting over clothes or friends or boys or what song to listen to in the car or what to eat for snack or who gets to drive the car or whatever... remember these moments. I'd like to think you'll always be this close or closer as you age, but that may or not be the case. And that's ok. But just remember, be kind and have respect for one another. Think of the other and wish the BEST that this world has to offer - even if you don't see eye to eye all the time.

Nina, when Mae was born you got an automatic best friend for life. As you grow, your friends will come and go but your family will always always always be there. Watch over Mae. Be a leader and a good example, but let Mae be her own person. You can both SHINE and make the world a better place than before. Your curiosity, humor and gentle personality will serve you well!!

Mae, we got so lucky with you. You are tiny, but mighty. You were only born 4 months ago, but already we know you are a content, happy, observant and strong little peanut. You are easily entertained by your sister ... always giggling and watching to see what she'll do next (your daddy describes you like how your Aunt Bessie was towards him). :) I cannot wait to see how your relationships and personality grow!

I love you girls more than anything. I am so lucky to be your momma and raise you to be confident, smart, kind, polite and funny (actually, your daddy will teach you that!!) little women.

Always yours,


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