There is something about 29.

The last year of my twenties.

One year left until I'm 3-0.

Today is my birthday. But, I'm not big on celebrating it necessarily. I like a low-key, normal day with maybe an extra special few things thrown in - a thoughtful gift, tasty dinner with Mr. Evans, kisses from my girls and I'm set.

But this year I feel some sort of added pressure (anxiety?!) because I feel the need to get the most out of my last year as a twenty-something.

However... my perspective shifted.

I thought about making a 30-by-30 list, a bucket list of sorts for all the things I want to accomplish by next year. I started to make the list and you know what? I couldn't think of one important thing I want to do that I haven't done. Sure, I could come up with some silly and fun items to tick off another to-do list. But, I'd rather focus on this...

my blessings, of which I have many.

I've accomplished a lot these past 30 years and lived a life I'm proud of... so when I really sit back and reflect I wouldn't change a thing. There isn't a thing I wish I would've done or somehow have put off. Here's just a few (I'm so glad my blog documents these things for me):

Marrying Mr. Evans
Nina Lorraine 
Mae Frances
Graduating with my Master's Degree
Buying two houses
Being an Ironwife
Mission Trip to Kenya (I've never blogged about this. Should I?)
Being a daughter and friend

So 29. I'm ready. Let's kick off a great year, just like the ones before and the ones still to come.


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