Hustle & Be Still

We had a wonderful few weeks around the holidays full of quality time as a family, quiet moments around our home, intentional planning for the year and more. But mostly, we were just still...  enjoying the time off between holidays. No action, just planning and thinking. It was so so good for my soul.

And now, here we are... the middle of January and this all got me thinking.  I love learning, pushing for "better" and making the most of my time at work and at home. It's all about the hustle, right? But, I am also SO about contentment, slowing down and focusing on what matters.

So, what is the in between?

Can we work hard AND slow down simultaneously?

Can we hustle AND be still?

It's very Carrie Bradshaw-eque, but I can't help but wonder... is there an on-off switch between the two or can we do and be both at the same time?

For me, I hope the answer is both (or at least a mix). The balance is possible because "success" for me has less to do with the plans I pen out and more to do with people and experiences. I know my calendar will always be filled, but who or what will fill it? Was my time spent on purpose or by accident?

Fiercely protect your time. It's SO valuable. Life is short. You can do anything but not everything.

As one of my favorite authors Alice Walker says, "Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming."

We have an opportunity every day to plant a tiny seed of something that matters. Something that might change everything. Something that contributes to your "hustle" OR to your "stillness"...

I'm thinking of you and whatever you're working on. For me, today, it's to sit within this idea of stillness and being a go getter.

What do you think? How do you hustle and be still?


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