Impending Labor

My sister-in-law is going to be in labor any day (hour!) now. I am SO so excited for her! The whole process also makes me a bit nostalgic for when I was still pregnant with Mae. Wow, how time flies!!

I found myself looking through her baby photos and from when I was pregnant last night and realized I never posted my "maternity" photo from when I was pregnant with Mae. So today, lucky readers, I thought I'd share. Mr. Evans snapped this photo of Nina and I - same theme as our others (look here). I love having these keepsakes. :)

Also... as an extra bonus for you expecting mothers, here are my favorite natural ways to go into labor! I was lucky enough to go avoid induction and c-sections both times and had the best deliveries (again, so lucky)! Here are my tips to get things moving:

- Pedicure and/or Foot & Ankle Massage (pressure points)
- Bounce on Exercise ball
- Acupuncture (with Mae I swear this is what flipped her from breach and what set me into labor)
- Spicy Food
Labor Cake (because who doesn't love chocolate cake?)
- Fresh pineapple
- Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (I drank loads of this stuff, but remember... it has to be the loose leaf kind!)


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