Life lately...

As usual, when I get behind I tend to a bit of an iPhone dump. :) Here you go!!

The Evans family was all together last weekend for a fun Friday night dinner at our house! Yay for a selfie stick!! Such a great invention - haha!!
A few weeks back we made 4 snowmen on the ice at my parent's house. Mae stayed inside where it was warm, but Nina loved being on the ice!! 
My sister-in-law had baby Peter last week so Nina and I had to go visit (Mr. Evans and Mae were sick with the flu)! Such a handsome little guy!!
My college girlfriends and I got together for a quick visit one Saturday a few weeks ago. It was such fun to laugh and catch up (as always)! I was so busy having fun that I forgot to take any photos... well... except for this delicious cake Pam made! Homemade layered chocolate cake (with scotch!) and alternating layers of strawberry and vanilla buttercream. Yes, please. 
Here were Nina's Valentine's she gave out at school this year. Thanks, Fancy Ashley, for the idea!
Mr. Evans's birthday is on Valentine's Day (and my mother-in-law's is February 13), so we always celebrate with cake from my heart shaped cake pans - they were given to me by my MIL who were given to her by her mom. Yay for delicious cake and traditions!
Oh Mae Mae, so happy to see you healthy again. Poor thing was sick with the flu (Tamiflu), chest congestion (Nebulizer + Albuterol) and then had chest x-rays (to rule out Pneumonia) and was prescribed a steroid. :( It's so sad to see a baby sick, but she was total trooper and is now feeling great!!
Also, a quick update on Nina and her Montessori school. She recently celebrated her 100th day of school in her new classroom - she moved up a level. She also recently led the Pledge in front of the entire school and came home with this little keepsake (she was SO proud as was I!!). Oh, to have been a fly on the wall and have heard her on the loudspeaker at age 3 saying the full Pledge of Allegiance. My eyes would well up with pride. I'm sure just one of MANY instances! So so awesome! :)


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