I recently learned about Kintsugi and had to share the concept with you, dear readers.

Kintsugi is a Japanese method for repairing broken pottery with a special lacquer (usually gold). The philosophy behind Kintsugi is to honor the history of the piece by emphasizing, not hiding, the breaks. The process usually results in something more beautiful and rare than the original.

In essence, this artful repair of something damaged creates a story. It celebrates the imperfect.

It reminds us that beauty is what comes from our brokenness. Or better yet, we're MORE beautiful for having been broken.

So profound, right?

As much as we're all chasing perfect, we all are "broken" in some way or another. We are ALL a work in progress.

Maybe we need to remember that we don't need to hide our cracks, but rather own them. Embrace them. And realize, when we do "fix" them (if ever) to repair them with gold and be proud of the value they create within us. They tell our story.

P.S. I first learned about this topic from a thread in my Life With Intention Online class! :)


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