The Sky

The cold February temperatures sure do produce some beautiful sunrise and sunsets! Here are few I've snapped lately (via my iPhone - which doesn't capture the true majesty of the sky). For some reason, these are uber compelling images to me right now. I think it's because they serve as reminders that sometimes the day is done and I've done what I could... or alternately that the morning sunrise represents new light and hope and the reminder that we all have the chance to start over (and better!) every. single. day.
The moon and whatever bright star/planet were so bright this day. We were headed to swimming lessons for the girls and we were ALL captivated by the night sky! Stop and smell the roses, right?
Driving to daycare one morning a few weeks ago Nina asked (in regards to the jet trail), where does that ladder go? Can I climb it? I couldn't help but answer... probably Heaven. :)
On our drive home from a funeral recently there was one of those sunsets where the clouds/sun/colors/reflections painted the ENTIRE sky like a giant watercolor. So fitting. :)
Again, another morning sunrise on my short commute to work. I smiled to myself and snapped a quick photo out the window. I couldn't help but think of Nina's earlier question about the straight shot up in the sky. Maybe it's a lasso? Maybe it's Rapunzel's hair? Maybe a ladder to Heaven? Whatever your imagination believes is good enough for me, sweet little one. :)


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