Weekend with Nina

Sweet little Nina can't catch a break lately... she's been fighting some sort of stomach flu, pains... something... for the past few weeks. She was really looking forward to a weekend away to Illionis this week for Mr. Evans's grandma's birthday party, swimming at the hotel, and fun with family. However, she was home sick Friday and really took a turn for the better, but ... dun dun dun... it was back Saturday morning. She started feeling better pretty quickly, but we weren't sure if she was contagious or would continue with bouts of sickness. So instead of the four of us traveling together, Mae and Mr. Evans made the trek. Nina and I missed out on tons of fun (and some exciting news!), but we made the best of it here at home.

We had a great girls weekend including at-home pedicures, special cookies, lots and lots of painting, some shopping, lots of book reading, and a special lunch date together. We even pulled out my old 80's Barbie dolls (see pic here) and got a new painting book from Hobby Lobby full of Lisa Frank pictures. Sure brought be right back to my childhood... :) Hehe. I love this girl!! We sure missed Mae and her daddy, but it was great to give her some special love and attention.


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