Life with Intention Online Course

I mentioned here that I was enrolled in Jess Lively's Life with Intention six week online course. Basically, here's a summary from Jess -- the class "ditches traditional paths to "happiness" and "success" and rebuilds our approach to POSSESSIONS, PERSONAL HABITS, RELATIONSHIPS, and CAREER from the ground up. ... Swapping "shoulds," shame, and "future-tripping" with peace, joy, and fulfillment RIGHT NOW."

So good, right? Couldn't we all use that? :)

Well, I finished up the course last week and whoa, it's a game changer. I feel more content and self aware. And while you may look at me from the outside and think I have my sh*t together and am uber confident, ha! ha! Not. so. much.

I'm human and am insecure about lots of stuff in life, just like the rest of you. :)

We're in this together and NO ONE knows it all.

But, if we live a life with intention we CAN find peace, joy and fulfillment no matter the things we have or do.

I can't even begin to share what I've taken away from this course because it's really a game changer but I'd recommend you check it our for yourself. And, next time it opens... enroll!

Read more here:

P.S. The photo is from a notebook I have where I jot down phrases that speak to me. What do you think? :)


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