Memorial Day Weekend

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we thank God that such men lived. - George S. Patton

I sure hope everyone had a nice long weekend! :) We made the most of it, being sure to reflect on the real people who deserve to be remembered. Land of the free because of the brave -- this could never be more true. I'm a proud American girl right here! :)

Now for a photo dump. It's been a while so I thought I'd do a recap of the weekend!
Love this view from our front porch. Proud and patriotic right here!
On Friday night, we went to fish fry with my parents, aunt, uncle, Hayden, and my grandma and grandpa. Here is Mae with her great-Grandma, Marlene. Always nice to have photos like this! :)
Saturday morning was the first Farmers Market of the year. Yay!! Love when this time of year rolls around. And as an added benefit, we saw most of the Evans crew - the timing just worked out well!
Nina loves to "paint" with water. It's one of my secret parenting tricks outdoors. She loves to color with chalk, then "paint" over it with an old paintbrush/water. I let her paint anything and everything (with just water). So fun!
Saturday morning we also went to my aunt's house to see her barn cats new litter of 6 kitties. I'm allergic, but they're cute to look at. Nina and Mae love looking at her horses, cats and more! I even picked up some pottery while I was there!! 
Later that afternoon, the girls and Mr. Evans ran through the sprinkler. They were ALL in heaven!
Mae was SO stinkin cute after her sprinkler time I just had a snuggle with my little nakey baby for a few minutes! :) We had to get cleaned up quick because Kate, Adam, Evan and Peter came over for cocktails and dinner!!
I didn't end up with too many photos from Sunday unfortunately. We must've had too much fun! We left early, got coffee and drove up to De Pere - bummed around St. Norbert, ate lunch at SALT, walked around Lambeau Field for a bit, etc. Then, we headed to sweet little Audrey's first birthday party. Yay Audrey! Mae and Audrey  (my good friend Sarah's daughter) are just 2 weeks apart. After the party, the girls crashed on the drive and went straight to bed. 
Monday, yesterday morning, was Memorial Day. Of course, we started our day at the Parade. There is nothing more American than small town parades - the excited kiddos, the honorable veterans parading by in convertibles, marching bands playing patriotic songs, fire engines, and more. So good! (My needlepoint American flag hat is from the always preppy Harding-Lane... Mr. Evans wears a Go Ruck TAC Hat with an American Flag patch... muccch more manly)

Post-parade hot dogs at 10:00 am. Why not? :) If vets and boy scout are selling them, we're there.
Notice Nina's hair is a bit shorter? My mom cut an inch or so off after the parade. Then, we went to the lake to spend the day. Unfortunately, the lake was cold and windy, but it was sunny and protected near their driveway so we set up a kiddie pool and let the girls play. They LOVED it. I enjoyed a few Watermelon Mojitos made by my mom, so all was good!
After dinner we did go out for a short pontoon cruise because it really doesn't feel like the kick off to summer without it! Here we go summer. We are more than ready for you! 


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