Elkhart Lake Triathlon 2015

As usual, Mr. Evans begins summer with the Elkhart Lake Triathlon. It's always easy for me because I can head to the Farmers Market with the girls during the bike and catch him while enjoying a coffee! Ahh the life of a spectator! ;) My mother-in-law joined me which is always fun too! Here are a few quick photos...

Our good friend Blythe (and her friend Laurens) came all the way from NC to cheer on Mr. Evans. Hehe! Not quite, but we sure were glad to catch up with them both!! Notice how Mae LOVED gnawing on a big hunk of bagel. #teethingbaby

Later that afternoon after a quick clean up and lunch, we headed even further north to New Holstein, WI to a teeny tiny Amish bulk food store. So fun and such fantastic deals! I got a ton (I mean a TON) of stuff for a grand total of $17.00. Gotta love checking out new places!

All in all, a nice way to spend a Saturday morning!! :) Yay for summer!


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