Life Lately...

As always, here's a few tidbits about life lately. Of course, this in no way whatsoever covers everything but it's a glimpse! :) Happy June!! :)
This little cutie started to walk finally. She was a taking a few steps here and there, but the past few days she's really taken off. Yay!! :)
My sister-in-law and family moved to our area recently! Yay!! Here we are having a pizza picnic before they moved in. 
My dad taught the girls to fish on Big Cedar recently. Nina loved the it and Mae sure wanted to get in on the action. Little cuties!
Hehe - love that she's on her tippy toes... she tries SO hard to be a "big kid"!!!
A little perch!
Sunset and smores by the lake - sure is summer at its best if you ask me!!
Some family from Colorado/Texas was in town (we had two weddings in an afternoon) so it was great catching up with them for a fish fry the night before!
Wine and Nine - so funnnn!
Sweet little thank you notes from Nina's first playdate last weekend. 
Time at the park - you better believe just minutes before this photo was taken Mr. Evans was whipping around on that merry-go-round! He truly is a little kid on the inside!!


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