One Sentence Wisdom

Before both of my girls were born I read somewhere a single sentence that really impacted my thoughts about parenting, having kids, being a family and more. I cannot remember where I read it or who wrote it, but it's key advice Mark and I keep in mind (and share with everyone we know).

It goes something like this...

When you welcome kids into your world remember... they should not be the center of your family, bur rather members of your family

Our world is totallllly about the beauty, joy and love that is our children. We love them with every ounce in our beings. But, they are not the center of our family. They do not rule the roost.

We go on date nights (in fact, last night our babysitter Haley came over and Mark and I went out for tapas). We volunteer. We have hobbies. In short, we have a life outside of our kids.

And we believe this makes us better parents... and role models to them.

Our kids are members of our family. Our lives are intertwined together, forming roots and branches that will last because we honor each other.

A few weeks back I went to a beautiful baby shower for a friend and got chatting with the mama-to-be after the shower ended. We were just casually chatting and she mentioned how she and her husband were (like all new parents) curious about how life would change after kiddos. Of course, it changes in oh so many ways (most for the absolute best way ever!), but I reminded her life goes on. You can still golf or go out to dinner or do your life. It's all a choice. And I must've shared with her my one sentence wisdom from above.

"Our kids are members of our family, not the center of it"

I totally forgot about this until I received a thank you note from her earlier this week. I was touched it struck a nerve with her and might somehow help her feel more at ease about the balance of it all.

So, now I'm sharing it with you, dear readers.


Mark, Nina, Mae and I are all card-carrying MEMBERS our little family. We're in it together and I would not have it any other way.


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