Weekend Recap

Last weekend we were up to De Pere to celebrate our good friends wedding! On Friday night, we all went to dinner at Chives (yum!) and then hit up some of our old hangouts. ;) We had some gooood laughs. So good for the soul!!

My amazing friend Pam made nearly 300 cupcakes for the wedding (notice how she pipes every single flower petal by hand). So delish! I was happy to pop in and see her working while the rest of us wandered around the local farmers market.
Meanwhile, the girls were with Nana and Papa. My dad is in Canada fishing for the week, so they had to make a quick stop at Cabela's. Do you think Nina liked it?
They also swam a ton (and got totalllly spoiled, as they should)! :) Not sure what Nina's up to here, but Mae looked happy!
Mae LOVING corn on the cob. Little cutie!

The wedding was a blast and I couldn't be happier for the bride & groom. Here are a few photos of the girls. I was honored to play piano at the mass, but didn't get any photos of that! :)

It's always nice to do a quick getaway. The girls loved it and Mr. Evans and I had a fantastic time too!! :) If you can believe it, all my girlfriends are married off now so I think our long wedding weekends are behind us. Bring on the babies!! Ironically, two of the girls pictured above are with child so let's keep 'em coming. ;)


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