Following my Must

If something's not working, look for the fork in the road. It's probably overgrown & grassy, forgotten and untraveled.

It's not popular or pretty and it's chock full of resistance.

No one is blazing it.

Take that road.

And don't look back.

- via Whitney English

The last few months my heart has really been pulling me to explore and follow my "must"...

Many many signs are pointing me towards this direction and I've had some opportunities come my way lately (some I CANNOT wait to share!!) that were tooooooo good to pass up (and tooo clear signs that my "must" was worth following)!

I am so excited to share a bit of my journey with you. ;) You may notice a few minor changes around here at Rhubarb & Linen. But, I'll still be posting lots of what you, sweet readers, know and love - photos of friends and family, updates on our life, parenting stuff, decorating, recipes and more. It will just all blend together with a new and exciting business I'm starting!

Lots of love and THANK YOU for following me on my journey!

P.S. I love Instagram and post often there too, so be sure to follow me (and you'll see a sneak peak of the business name)!


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