How Hooray Mail Works

I've been working on Hooray Mail for a few months now - testing, tweaking, prepping, creating, building. You name it - I'm working on it! I'm building this business from the ground up... with lots of hard work and late nights. Yes, don't forget - I work a normal day job and am a wife and mama to two little girls who are the most important and meaningful part of my day.

So why do I do this?

I do it because I want every kiddo everywhere to light up and have the biggest smile on their face when they get Hooray Mail. They were thought of and feel special and loved.

I do it because I want every mama to connect with their kiddos - on purpose instead of by accident. I never want a mom to feel guilty because they didn't have time or ideas to create a Pinterest perfect whoknowswhat for their kiddo.

My heart is in this guys. 

So today, I wanted to share a sneak peak inside the envelope with you. :)

A few months ago, I sent out Hooray Mail to a test group of about 35 moms & nearly 100 kiddos!! The feedback was fantastic and invaluable. It was so awesome to hear from everyone. Here are the cards I sent their kiddos. Take a look. So cute and happy, right??

Also, be sure to check out the How it Works page on the Hooray Mail website for even more information... including a video of me in my living room talking about the details of how it works. I cannot believe I'm even posting it, but hey... gotta start somewhere!! :)

>> View HOW IT WORKS <<

Bright envelopes and happy designs - different each mailing! Remember, you get 2 cards per month. 
Inside each card is a positive personalized message and activity. This card is scissor cutting practice! Keep in mind, like I talk about in the video, if your kiddo is younger they can just trace on the dotted line with a crayon or pencil... or simply just color on the card!
Another card design!
Another activity page example - shape tracing! Older kids can trace and color. Younger kids just might color in the shapes! The target age group is age 3-6 or so. Remember, Hooray Mail is about connecting with your kiddos and bringing them joy! :)
Stay tuned for new about when Hooray Mail could be showing up in a mailbox near you!

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