Weekend Recap

As usual, here's a little weekend recap for you!
A grainy, but cute (!) photo of Mae. She's up to 5 teeth now, with another 3 on the way!
Nina likes to do watercolors and "copy" whatever random things I paint with her. She did pretty good on the rainbow and pot of gold, don't you think?
Post sprinkler time in the driveway wearing daddy's shirt! :)
The girls LOVE to play together. It's so adorable to see how much they truly enjoy being around each other. I'm sure this will allll change one day, but hey, maybe not?! Wishful thinking!!
Mr. Evans and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday. Man oh man, it just keeps getting better with that man! We ordered our traditional Lobster Rolls from Luke's Lobster on Friday (see previous posts on this tradition here). On Saturday night, we went out to dinner here with my parents. Since we share the same anniversary date we always celebrate together. :)

After church on Sunday, we spent all day at the lake with family. Mae loved playing in the sandbox! It's so sweet to see her growing up into a little girl and becoming less and less of a "baby" - be still my heart.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend as well! I am surely trying to soak up what's left of summer - especially the weather. Our air conditioner broke over the weekend and while it made for a steamy house, it made me appreciate the warmth that the summer sun brings and equally thankful for the luxury of cool air (it's fixed now).

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” - Henry James


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