I heart mail!

As a little girl, I remember that when I got mail - just for me - I felt so special, loved and remembered. There was something about a little piece of paper that represented so much more.

That's part of the reason I created Hooray Mail. I want my girls to have the same feelings on a consistent basis. 

So, when I went out to test my idea, to see if other mama's like me found value in what the snail mail provided for their kiddos, I started with a test group. 

A few months back in June, I mailed out a big batch of cards to moms just like me! It was a blast! 

Here are a few photos of Nina and I when we put the cards in the mail. It was Sunday, June 28th at our local post office. Pretty, right? 

This was the beginning. 

The beginning of Hooray Mail.

All cards were delivered with love and joy by my sweet little Nina and I (Mae was snoozing in the car a few feet away). :)

There is nothing better than receiving mail - especially mail that makes you want to shout HOORAY!!

I'll be sharing what was inside those envelopes next week. Don't want to miss it? Curious what the personalized snail mail, cute message and simple activities look like? Be sure to subscribe!

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