Goin' on a Nature Hike

Last Saturday it was a perfect fall day - warm sun, crisp air, leaves starting to change just a teeny bit. All in all, it was an afternoon just meant for a nature hike.

We live right by some beautiful hiking trails in Wisconsin - the Ice Age Trail in the Kettle Moraine - so it's easy to pack up and go! We walked 2 miles and the girls did awesome! Mae hung out on our Boba Carrier which is super comfy for her.

Here are a few photos from our hike and from the little project I did with the girls afterward. I always try to make the most out of whatever we do - so in this case it was picking special nature rocks and doing leaf rubbing! :)

That night Nina helped me make Honeycrisp Apple Crisp and we ate it straight out of the oven with vanilla bean ice cream. Deliciousness!! As much as I'm a summer girl, I sure enjoyed this fall-ish day!

During our hike Nina and Mae picked out some leaves they liked. When we got home, I showed Nina how to place the leaves vein side up under paper and color on top of them. She loved it!

 Here is her finished project. :) So sweet and simple! This took maybe 5 minutes but it was still fun for all of us!


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