Labor Day Weekend Recap

Hope you had a relaxing and fun Labor Day weekend with family and friends!

I certainly did! :) I barely did any Hooray Mail or work in general, which was great! On one hand, I felt totally relaxed because I didn’t have to think about it. And on the other hand I felt totally unproductive and like I didn’t accomplish or do anything.

But that’s how it goes. I much rather would have spent time with my kiddos and husband, so I don’t feel guilty for one minute. :) And that's that!

Here are a few photos from our long weekend...

Family post-elopement wedding party outdoors near Chicago. This is just our immediate Evans crew! :) 
Family tradition of Circus Baby!! 
Lake time!! Don't worry... Nina is just holding Mr. Evans's beer, NOT drinking it! Ha!
It was pretty hot, so Mae was forced to wear her sun hat all day. She didn't love it necessarily, but she looked SO cute peeking over the boat ledge! 
Nina and Nana playing on the water mat! fun!
Mae holding her "broken" nukie - we used the same Cold Turkey Pacifier Elimination method as Nina! Sounds harsh but it works so well! 
For still being 3, I'd say Nina writes pretty well. This is with barely any instruction! :) After she wrote "Evans" she said... Mama the "s" is like the number 3. I guess I need more work on that letter tomorrow. :)
Nina loves sunsets just like I do and the other night there was a beautiful one... so she asked if we could go outside and take a picture together. It's grainy and blurry and not that great - no makeup, comfy clothes... but ya know what, it might be one of my favorites. :) Gotta love being a mama!!


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