The Little Things

Weeknight trips to get ice cream at our local custard stand... well, how much better does it get than that? It's really pure joy I tell you.

The little things are what I remember at the end of the day. Not my accomplishments or mistakes (well, I remember those too - I'm human)... but mostly, I remember ice cream dates on a "school night." Folding laundry on the couch with Mae. Drinking a glass of wine with Mr. Evans at the end of a long day. Calling my mom on the way home from work and catching up about the silly and the significant. Watching a sunset on our patio with Nina.

It's really the ordinary million little moments that make the BIG magic of life happen!

P.S. In my "11 Secrets to Connect with your Kiddos while Doing Everyday Life" ebook I share my tips that will help your ordinary little moments turn into fun, memorable times with your kiddos.


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