Nina's 4th Birthday Parties

This past Sunday Nina turned FOUR! She has turned into such a kind, smart and hilarious little lady. She's growing up before my very eyes and I couldn't be more proud of her. :) To celebrate her big day this year, I included her in on the plans and execution! She helped me with everything which was so much fun! Here are lots of photos from her celebrations!!

For her Montessori school, she wanted to bring in vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles for her birthday treat. Here she is in her pajamas helping me put on the finishing touches. :)

On Saturday, we had 5 of her friends from school over. She'd asked for a "friend birthday party" so I figured why not? She's been to two "friend" parties so far, so I knew this stage was coming. :) I asked what kind of party she wanted and her reply was face painting?! Umm, ok. She's never had her face painted but I figured we'd go with it. Ironically, we ended up painting her arm and cheek, but close enough!

Here are the decorations she made. Super simple this year - some hanging things from Hobby Lobby and bunting I cut from construction paper that she colored in. :)

For the friend party, we purchased cupcakes from Baked MKE at our local farmer's market that morning. They are so delish and since I only needed 6 it was perfect to support a local business! :)

To prepare for the party, Nina made goodie bags. She wrote each friends name and decorated the bags with stamps. We filled each bag with a notepad, cute pencil, ring, Lip Smackers and an art activity we worked on at the party.

Here are some of the girls face (ahem body!!) painting. Cute, right?? :) Luckily my mom is totally artsy and came over to help!
So adorable. This was the best photo I could get of these girls, but they were so fun!!

On Sunday, we went to church for Nina's first Sunday School time and then came home to get ready for our "family" party. Nina was so excited to have three celebrations - school, friends and family! :) 

Here are the cousins who got their faces painted on Sunday. We figure we had the supplies so my mom got to paint again! :)

It's always crazy when all the cousins and family come together! So many kiddos but SO much cuteness!!

I have to end with this photo. First - do you not LOVE Nina's excited face?? Second - do you love that this gift bag says HOORAY!!! I mean seriously, Hooray Mail. Too good! Thanks Aunt Chris!

Happy 4th birthday sweet Nina Lorraine. You made me a mama and I couldn't be more proud or honored to raise this thoughtful, considerate, kind and smart girl. I love watching her love Mae - her sistering skills are beyond measure. And I think she loves her daddy almost as much as I do... :) Can't wait to see what the next year brings. :)


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