On Being Ready

My sister-in-law posted this poem on Facebook the other day. She's getting ready to welcome a new baby into the world in a matter of weeks, so I can understand her reasons for posting it. It's words are beautiful and profound, but honestly it can touch all of us no matter our season of life so I thought I'd post it here for you, dear reader.

Ready is a lie
& it steals
all your hopes & dreams.
& it paralyzes
your feet from moving.
& it cripples 
your heart from believing life is most beautiful when living in the unknown. 

Don’t be ready,
Be free.

Ready is for people who trust in themselves,
Who want to live small & safe lives.
Freedom is for people who trust in the One who made them,
Who want to live lives too big to be ready for.


So so good, right? I think we all need this reminder - to trust and to be free.

Because it is paralyzing to think all the sudden, one day, we'll be ready. We're not really ever ready for anything.

But that's not the point.

Life is beautiful because of the ups and downs, the unknowns and knowns, the questions and the answers.

Be still.


Have faith.

Whatever season you're walking through, whatever challenge or celebration you face, remember... don't be ready, be free.

(beautiful triple petal lilies from farmers market!)


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