Apple Orchard Fun

This past Saturday afternoon we went to Nieman Orchards for a little apple picking. It was a beautifully warm fall day and was perfect for a tractor ride with my three favorites. We picked mainly Cortland, Empire and Honeycrisp! So yummy! I think Nina and Mae tried every variety we found - they surely got some good nutrition in. Ha!

Here are a few photos from my iPhone. No fancy photography around here. Who has time for that anyway?? ;)

The girls must have been looking at something interesting. :)

Now what do we do with these delish Wisconsin apples? Well, I'm on my second batch of homemade Apple Crisp already. Also, we love to just eat them plain or dipped in caramel. And, I'm making a big batch of applesauce to can for the freezer. Super simple but so great to have on hand!!


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